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Dec 30 2010

Building A Horse Stable

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Building A Horse Stable

Horses need a warm and comfortable stable. Whether you horse is a working horse needed around the ranch or farm or simply a horse used for recreational purposes , having a nice secure stable will ensure you get the most out of your horse. Horses don’t come cheap and keeping your horse warm and safe helps protect your investment.

Keep these factors in mind when building a stable ,

Location – A dry ventilated location is best for the well being of the horse , also ensure that the location is conveniently located so that you can access it at all times , even during the night. Not everyone like the smell of stables – so try an keep it far enough to avoid smell , but still close enough for easy access.

Box Space – This is required if you have more than one horse and need to divide the stable. Make sure that the box space provides ample room so that the horse can lie down and move around in comfort.

Height – Ensure that their is sufficient ceiling room so that the horse doesn’t bump its head against the ceiling and you can walk about comfortably. The higher the ceiling the better the ventilation in the stable.

Stall Doors – the options are sliding or swinging. Sliding doors are preferable as it makes it easier for horses to enter and exit especially when you have more than one horse entering or leaving the stable. You should ensure that you have heavy duty locks for the doors. The doors need to be robust and able to withstand a kick from a horse.

Aisles space – if you have a number of horse you will need to provide an aisle between the rows of stalls. It needs to wide enough to accommodate a horse and person at the same time.

Flooring – Concrete is is easiest to clean and maintain and better for hygiene. You need to provide adequate drainage to prevent a build up of water and other waste products.

Lighting – You will need sufficient lighting in the stable , bot for the horses and yourself. Always take into account the safety of your horses when installing lighting. You will need ample lighting for the benefit of the horses.

Food and Water Storage Area – food needs to be kept safe from rats and other rodents as well as warm and dry. Horses don’t like drinking icy water so you may need to warm the horses drinking water.

Keeping your horse in comfort.You can keep your horse in a barn shared with other animals , but you should experience a period of adjustment.

Stables need to be cleaned daily – this is important from a health point of view. You will never be able to keep the stables in pristine condition , but daily cleaning will prevent germs from spreading and stop diseases from breaking out.

You should maintain enough hay in each stall so that the horses can feed whenever they feel like it. Horses get dehydrated easily so its important to always have fresh water at hand.

If you don’t have the budget to build your own stable you should consider stabling your horse at a reputable stable in your area. The stabling fee typically contains food , water and other requirements such as cleaning etc.

You don’t need to spend a fortune to keep your horse in comfort. Keeping your horse comfortable will ensure a happy animal and show your horse how much you care..

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