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Jan 02 2011

Horse Training Methodology

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Horse training is vital component of your horse’s development – training makes the horse suited to its role whether it be a work or recreational horse. There are numerous approaches to horse training. However most of these methods are based on two underlying philosophies.

These philosophies are intimidation and inducement. The intimidation philosophy requires the trainer to break the horse’s spirit through force and then to rebuild it via training making the horse suitable for domestication. The alternative approach , inducement is a more compassionate approach. It focuses more on pacifying and rewarding the animal for good behavior rather the use of brute force.

These approaches are diametrically opposite. The more successful training techniques combine various facets from both approaches in order to deliver results.

Focusing on only one approach won’t produce the best results. The oldest methods relied solely on breaking the horses spirit though pain and fear. Many people find that hurting horses and making them run in senseless circles around a post until they are dead tired has been effective in teaching tricks to and training horses. Modern trainers distance themselves from these methods and follow a more humane approach in training horses.

Hybrid approaches are more successful allowing the trainer to combine the best facets of both approaches and is becoming the standard in modern horse training. Trainers try to establish a rapport and to build a bond by seeing to the horse’s needs. However the relationship is still reliant on the concept of reward and punishment. This involves rewarding good behavior while reprimanding the horse for any errant behavior.

The ultimate objective of any training approach is to develop a horse with a more positive mental approach and makes the horse suitable for human interaction. You don’t want to completely destroy the spirit of the horse. This is one of the facets that horse lovers most respect and admire about horses. Domesticating a wild animal is a challenge , but do it correcting is worth the time and patience required to produce a socialized animal. Overplaying the discipline aspect will result in a horse that is practically useless.

Once your horse is properly trained you will benefit from having an animal that is manageable , but still has that spirit that you so admire and love.

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