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Jan 02 2011

How To Maintain A Stable?

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Owning a horse can be very rewarding , but it also does come with certain responsibilities. You have the benefit of riding whenever you feel like it. Cleaning and maintaining the stables is one of the most important responsibilities.

Dirty stables can result in the spread of germs and diseases. This could be very costly in the long run. You must set up a daily cleaning schedule. The best time to tackle this chore is first thing in the morning. This will entail cleaning up the mess made by the horses during the night.

Horses are capable of producing much more waste than the family dog or cat. While you sleep your horse is making a mess filthing up the stable.

This mess needs to cleaned and the sooner the better otherwise you have germs , flies and all sorts of other nasties setting in. It may be a dirty job , but its your job.

Your will also need a rake or stable fork for you daily stable cleaning chores. Other required tools are a bucket and wheelbarrow. When you perform your routine stable cleaning you should use the opportunity to allow the horse to wander around the paddock/field. This allows them to stretch their legs and makes the cleaning easier for you.

Use the rake or fork to remove the wast and hose out the urine. Clean out any mess in the hay and feed.Let the floor dry after hosing and disinfecting it. Once the floor is dry spread out the bedding with your stable rake.

This may seem like a chore , but doing it daily will make it much easier than doing it weakly and also is much more hygienic. You will be amazed at the amount of waste produced by a horse in a few days. All pet owners ranging from , dog , cat and even fish keeprs have some form of routine maintenance to perform.Once the stables are cleaned in the morning your are able to enjoy your horse.

This is something that needs to be a routine in your household and makes a great chore for teenager children.

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