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Jan 02 2011

Popular Horse Breeds

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There are literally hundreds of different breeds of horse. These have been bred over thousands of years and some of these breeds have been bred for very specific purposes. Most horse enthusiasts have their own personal favorite , detailed below are some of the more Popular Horse Breeds. See if your favorite is listed.

Appaloosa – Developed by the Nez Perce Indians of Northern Idaho – the Appaloosa breed experienced a decline after the Nez Perce were forced to move onto reservations after the Indian Wars. Interested breeders took steps to preserve the breed and now the Appaloosa is one of the more popular breeds found in the US. Appaloosas have a very distinctive spotted coat and are easily recognisable.

Arabian – The oldest and purest breed was developed in the Middle East, hence its name. Characteristics include stamina , intelligence and a wonderful spirit. Their bloodlines are often used to strengthen the genes of other breeds of horse.

Morgan – Another American classic , the Morgan was developed in the 17002 in Vermont. The horses are descended from a stallion called Justin Morgan.

Quarter Horse
– Is the quickest horse over a quarter-mile. Hugely popular in the US the Quarter Horse has a lovely easy going temperament.

– Uses in horse racing these are the fastes horses and they were bred during the 1700s in England for the sport of kings.

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