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Jan 02 2011

What Horse Riding Clothing?

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Horse riding requires specific clothing and accessories , especially if you plan on riding on a regular basis.

The basics consist of a jacket , breeches , boots , helmet and gloves. For some activities such as dressage you may also require spurs. A riding crop is also a useful accessory for the rider.

The helmet is vitally important in protecting the rider’s head in the event of a fall. The typical riding helmet is fabricated out of black velvet. You should always wear a helmet even if you are going for a light ride.

Riders often wear a hat when riding , for example the classic cowboy hat. These are more useful at protecting the rider from the sun’s rays than protecting you during a fall. The cowboy hat looks more appealing than the typical riding helmet.

The jacket is typically meant to keep you warm during winter. The coat for the horseman usually is longer than the hip of the rider.Horseman often wear a vest with shock absorbing impact pads and panels.This does provide the rider with protection in the event of a fall.

Purpose made riding breeches are much more suited for riding than normal pants like jeans , especially during a long ride. They are tight fitting to prevent friction and also consist of padding between the legs. They are usually made from cotton or Lycra.

All riders typically need boots. It protects the foot and ankle and provides support during a grueling ride. Sometimes the boots may include a reinforced instep , toe caps and a fashionably slim cut leg. You should also ensure that it includes an inner sole for cushioning and insulation.

Good boots also can have an anti-shock heel and linings providing moisture control that provide comfort and promote foot health.

Horse riding gloves protect your hands against chaffing. Gloves are typically mader form leather – ensuring durability and comfort. Riding without gloves may cause bruises and cuts from the reigns.

Spurs are attachments to the boot and are useful in getting a lazy horse moving. Spurs shouldn’t be used unless it is really necessary and even then you should use them lightly.

The riding crop is made from a flexible rod. Riders use the crop to tap the animal in order to perform certain tasks , this should only be used to tap the animal. Never use it to beat the animal.

If you plan on riding as a recreational past time , you should be adequately equipped. The most important requirement of your horse riding gear is that its functional and confortable.

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