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Jan 02 2011

What To Look For In A Horse?

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Horses are very popular for recreation purposes and many people ride as a sport. If you are interested in purchasing a horse there are a few things you should know. Choosing the wrong horse can be a costly purchase that you may come to regret.

Ask yourself the following questions when deciding on a horse.

Why do you want a horse?

This will help you identify the ideal breed or type of horse. The ideal horse will largely depend on its purpose , competition , pleasure , breeding or even using it for work purposes around a ranch.

Who is going to ride the horse?

If you are the only person that will be riding the horse then you need only take your preferences into account. However if you are going to share the horse , then you should consider the needs of the other riders. This is especially true if you intend using it as a family horse with varying sizes and skills involved. The horse will need to be able to handle the biggest and heaviest riders and the smallest. If small children are going to ride the horse it should also have an even temperament

What Age Horse?

Older horses are more likely to be stable trained and already in a routine. It will also be used to being ridden and this can save you a lot of effort training the horse.

A younger horse requires a different skill set and you will need to very knowledgeable about horses and their requirements. As the foal’s owner, it’s your responsibility then to ensure that it’s comfortable with its quarters, being fed regularly, and with a gentle disposition that will allow people to ride it safely.

What Gender ?

This would be a major factor if you are interested in breeding. Mares are usually more even tempered and more suitable for children and inexperienced riders while a stud usually require a firmer and more experienced touch. Gelding are also suited to beginners.

What Color Horse?

Horses are generally white , brown or black and the choice of color is largely a personal one based on your preference.

What Is Your Budget?

A horse requires a sizable investment and its best to determine how much you can afford before you start seriously looking. You also need to factor in the stabling costs , feeding and even vet costs. If your property in not big enough you will need to stable a horse and you should be aware of these costs before purchasing a horse.

What Breed Are You Interested In?

Arabian horses are mainly used for competitive and recreational riding , they were bred by Bedouins and one of the oldest and finest breeds of horse. Arabian horses are fairly expensive. This particular breed led to the development of Thoroughbreds.

Quarter horse originating from the US and these horses are great for riding , racing and all round work purposes. These are also the horse of the cowboy and are a part of American History.

Originating from the Iberian peninsula the Andalusian breed is represented in most other breeds today except for the Arabian and the Brab.

Belgian Heavy Draught Horse is primarily a working horse as the name suggests.

Mustang or Bronco are also known as Indian ponies and can be found running wild in most parts of the West. Highly intelligent and with a great capacity for work these horses are an icon of America.

Like a car you should always test drive a horse before deciding to buy the horse. Take these aspects into account and enjoy many happy hours riding your horse.

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